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Yes, because there are SO very many of you that have taken time to write notes of appreciation, I wish to THANK YOU ALL. Good success in your works out there.

. . . . .

Customer Feedback

Erl! the sign arrived today!!! (6/9/07). It is beautiful! my partner, Joy (who is 6 months pregnant) LOVES IT!!!! She was TOTALLY surprised and just LOVES it!
Once again THANK YOU! for the Hummingbird and the attention to detail.... question #2: does the "Semper" in your company name stand for "Semper Fi"? Joy is the daughter of a Marine.

          --head bowed, steve "coach" ilg, ==>
Backatcha, Steve ~ Thank you for your perfectly unsolicited testimonial. Semper (Latin) means "always, ever". Thus, SemperSigns means "always signs". Semper Fi is a corruption of Semper Fidelis (always faithful). The only other branch of the US military that has an official motto is the USCG:"Semper Paratus" (always ready).

I bought your book, "Total Body TransFormation", and am impressed!

Addendum to above - 19 August 2007
Steve ~ Thank You! During the last few weeks I have come to intimately appreciate
what you have done. Your new book, "Total Body Transformation" details extremely
well how to stay "whole" as the years fly. Amazingly, my conscious connections
with "The Path" started about 1967. It has served me well ever since, particularly
during my crippling (read that "bad back / stress") years during the 80s.
"Hak" says it best (in part): "In fact, I would hesitate to call what he (Steve Ilg) does
as sport coaching, itís closer to lifestyle coaching. As he often says,
'Your fitness is everywhere'. The older I get, the more I am learning to appreciate
that maxim.....His approach which artfully weaves nutrition, cardiovascular,
strength, yoga, and meditation, has served me well..." Who, me? Sure.
So far, so good---at 58---no docs, no meds. It's all about right and better
life style choices. --Erl

Re: sign for Durant - Nov 20, 2003
Erl, Your sign arrived today (11/20) and I couldn't be more pleased.
It is exactly how I hoped it would look.
The redwood is high quality, your carving is deep and even, and
the coloring for the evergreen and mallard are a great enhancement.
Plus, I loved the uneven burn outline. The plaque is the perfect size.
I'm sure the recipients of this gift will be thrilled to get it.
Thank you for your skilled work and completion of an internet order.
I'll keep your information for future orders.
Sincerely, Lori C (the Durant plaque)

Re: need 4 signs - May 14, 2003
Erl, I received the signs today. Thank you very much
I can tell that a lot of care and skill went into this project.
There were lots of oohs and ahhs around the office today.
They are a nice boost to our image.
thank you, Peter

Sign #67 (letter by snail mail) - April 24, 2003
Dear Erl: Thank you so much for the beautiful signage you created for Maize Adventure in 2002.
You did a wonderful job and we've had many complimentswhich makes ua feel good
about the money spent.
As the saying goes, "A Happy Customer is a Repeat Customer". With that said we would
like to order four additional signs for our ropes course. Please create the new signs with
the same dimensions, writing style and oak leaf as the first batch of signs.

Donna W... @

Re: Palmer Cottage - December 15, 2002
Bravo, Bravo! Love the sign
and can't wait to give it to my mom and dad.
The sign will aid striking yet subtle beauty to our cottage
tucked in the beautiful woods of Northern lower Michigan.
The quality is exceptional and it was a pleasure getting to know you
---- now about that beer---
I didn't find it in the sign box so I guess you're sending it separately.
Seriously I will talk to you in 2003
as my wife and I are considering the type of sign to adorn our own garage.
Something with palm trees is very likely.
Wishing you and your family the best Christmas!!!!!!

Re your "Re": - 13 June 2003
Backatcha, Nick ~
Yuppers, you also---a "pleasure getting to know you".
It's summer - sunny and warm - thinking of you..
Like I said, expect a beer in a box, "separately" - coming
to your place sooner than later. A deal is a deal, right?
Thanks for your good cheer and warm heart !! --Erl

FW: D & D Ponderosa - 14 Nov 2002
ERL, I received my sign yesterday afternoon.
I have to tell you that it is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!
You did a wonderful job with the Harley Decal and I love the extra touch with the horse shoes!
I can't wait for Christmas morning!! Thanks again.
If anyone ever needs a sign made, I will refer them to you most definitely!!

-- . --
Re: D & D Ponderosa - 11 Nov 2002
Yes !! I like the way it turned out, as did my 16 year old son.
It was worth a picture (and now your sign is gone).
Don't be surprised if you see it as the "leader of the pack*"
on a new web page coming soon "Harley-Davidson Signs".
* Dang, it's gone now ..remember that old tune by the Shangri-Las -"Leader Of The Pack"?

Re: I Got Them! - 13 April 2002

Hello Erl, today, I surely got the signs from you.
I like them very much. The design is good and the quality of wood is also excellent.
And since you chose less expensive way of shipping, I could save money. Thank you very much.
When I want another sign for someone's wedding or other occasions,
I will ask you to make one again. Can I?
Well, I will attach a photo of my kids with your sign. How about that?
Thanks again and hope I can hear from you soon. Catch you later.
Toru S. (Japan)

Note by snail mail - 5 Nov 2002
Hello, the sign is perfect!
The size is just right__ Quality work__ thank you for the refund - wasn't necessary----
consider it an extra thank you (the returned check). Regards,

Rossanna O...

Re: Sign #43g - 5 Nov 2002
Hi Erl! Just wanted you to know the sign arrived safe and sound yesterday.
It is beautiful! You did a wonderful job.
Thank you so much!

Deborah G...

Re: stall sign #44s - 12 Oct 2002
...I like to make sure you are paid promptly because
you do such a nice job on the signs and get them to me in one piece!!
Thanks much again!
Got another horse coming in at the end of the month--
no idea what his name is though, but you'll be hearing from me then!

Karen M...

Re: #60 Sign, BADA-BING - 17 Jul 2002
Hey just wanted to let you know I got the sign today, and it is just fantastic!!
I mean it looks beautiful!!
The lady whom it is for is really gonna love it. Thanks again man.

Billy M...

Re: Bear & Rabbit - 9 Jul 2002
I received it! It looks great!
Thank you so much.

Sevrina C...

Re: Sign #55g - 8 July 2002
My sign was a huge hit...
it was up for my July 4th celebration...
thanks for the excellent service and husband loved it.


Re: Thanks! - 2 Jul 2002
Just wanted to let you know that I received the Davis sign in plenty of time.
It looks terrific and my husband loves it.
We already got it all put together and
it is hanging on our garage for now. It looks great-just what we were looking for.
Let me know if you ever need a recommendation.
Thanks for your expedited service@

Julie D...

Re: Sign #60 - 27 Jun 2002
Erl, the Beach sign turned out great, my friend loved it!
Thanks again!

Carol D...

Re: order for Robin - 14 Jun 2002
Dear Erl-I received the sign in yesterday's mail
--it looks wonderful! My husband is going to love it!
Thank you so much for your prompt response as well as a job well done!
I will certainly recommend you!

Robin M...

Re: Sign #50 - 6 Jun 2002
I got it today. It 's great.
I will tell my friends about your beautiful signs.

Re: Duck & Pond sign - 4 Jun 2002
Everyone loved the sign!!! Thanks again!!

Re: Love-em! - 28 May 2002
Just love 'em!!!!!!!!!!!!! The signage looks great, Erl!
We are extremely happy with the results.
The oak leaf and nuts add a wonderful touch as well.
Thanks for all of your hard work and hope to speak atcha soon.

Donna W...

Re: The American School in Switzerland signs - 20 May 2002
Just wanted to let you know, I just received the signs and they look great. Thank you!
Michael (Lugano, Switzerland)

Re: Simonds Acres - 18 Apr 2002
Received the sign today and you did a great job. I am well pleased.
Sam S...

Re: sign order - 16 Apr 2002
We received the sign today and really like it. Thanks.
Jeff W...

Re: Hiller's Sign (10" Version - #43wc) - 22 February 2002
Erl, The sign is a work of art.
I thank you so much for the excellent quality and attention to detail.
I'm sure this "shingle" will be admired by many.
Heck, I myself keep looking at it every five minutes.
Thanks again,

Re: Odell Signs - 7 January 2002
Dear Erl: We loved the sign you sent us. What a surprise, and thank you!
We appreciate working with you, and look forward to continuing our relationship.
Marsha & Bill

Re: ARP Sign - 2 January 2002
Erl, it was great. I got the sign only one day late, but it turned out perfect.
My husband's grandmother is 82, and it was her quote, "It ain't much to look at..."
She spoke that phrase when she saw for the first time our little cabin we're building in the mountains.
My husband was thrilled and we plan to hang the sign on the front porch.
Thanks so much.
Phyllis A..

Re: Sign - 28 December 2001
Hi Erl! The saga continues...I hadn't seen your sign and decided to check e-mails.
Of course, my wonderful husband hadn't told me you had advised
that the sign had been sent on 12/19. I hadn't been told of any deliveries either.
So, I happened to spot a package in the garage this morning.
The sign is now mine. I love it!
Thanks for putting up with all the hassle from this end.
Have a great New Year!

Re: K.K. and check - 26 December 2001
Hello Erl, Howard's "Kamp Kimewon" sign arrived on Xmas Eve.
Perfect timing. It's great. I sneaked a peak before I wrapped it for him.
He loved it and grinned from ear to ear.
Thanks so much. Did my check arrive yet? Be sure to let me know.
Thanks again and Happy New Year!

Re: Pleased with product - 23 December 2001
I don't believe I've contacted you yet to let you know that we really liked the sign.
It is a pleasure to do business with someone who delivers a product exactly
as nice as what I was hoping for and what you advertised, and in a timely manner.
Thank you very much.
Joe & Pat G...

Re: order - 23 December 2001
My daughter and her husband received their sign and are ecstatic.
They told me it is the best Christmas present they have ever received. I can't wait to see it.
Thank you for your prompt service on this artistic endeavor.
Christine M...

Re: order - 20 December 2001
I received the sign today and its wonderful!
Thank you- Happy Holidays.

Re: Sign (#10) - 18 December 2001
Received the sign. It is lovely. Thank you very much.
Peggy P...

11 December 2001
Dear Erl:
Thanks for the sign you just sent. It Looks great.
I'd like to order another similar sign.
I need an 8"x 24" sign with 2 equally sized lines, the "B" (modern) edging,
and an acrylic sealer coat.
First line: PLEASE PARK
Second line: ON ROAD
I am enclosing a check for....
Thank you. Sincerely,
Lucinda L...

Re: Sign Order - 11 December 2001
I've been meaning to write you.
YOU DID AN UNBELIEVABLE JOB! Your workmanship is more than I had imagined.
My dad is going to love it. FINALLY, a present he won't want to return!
Thanks again Erl and Happy Holiday's!!
Carrie N...
P.S. I'll be in contact with you next year. I want to give one to my brother and his wife!! =)

RE: sign order - 3 December 2001
Looks great.
I will send business your way. Thanks.

Mike H...

RE: sign order - 30 November 2001
Hi. Just wanted to let you know that I received my parents' sign yesterday.
It is EXACTLY what I wanted, they're gonna love it!
Thank you so much for the quick and efficient service.
As soon as the Christmas season ends, I'll be ordering one for myself. Thanks Again!

Audry L...

Subject: hello, Erl greetings ! The sign arrived Friday - 24 Nov 2001
Thank you Erl for your wonderful sharp carving . .
and I love your ampersand ! !
I loved how you gave us the full look of those quote marks as 66 and 99
instead of just pie wedge shapes . .
The quality of the wood really stands out too.
. . . .

Lynn and Larry

RE: #43 sign,"Camp Grampy" - 23 Nov 2001
Hi Erl, I just wanted to let you know that the sign arrived today.
Thanks so much for your wonderful craftsmanship and quick delivery.
I will definitely keep you in mind for future orders
and pass your name onto others
Best wishes to you - Sincerely,


Re: Sign - 23 Nov 2001
I received my sign on Wednesday.
It is so beautiful! It's just what I wanted! You did a great job.
Thank you for the sign and for being so helpful.

Marcia C...

Re: Sign #56 - 21 Nov 2001
I got the sign in the U.S. mail today.
It is everything I had hoped it would be. I am very pleased!
Thank you and have a happy Thanksgiving.
Mitchell N...

Re: 8 signs - 18 Oct 2001
Erl-just wanted to let you know that they arrived safe and sound and look great!
Thanks for doing this so fast.

Tim L...

Re:Sign #59 - 19 Aug 2001
Received my sign Friday. Beautiful.
Excellent workmanship and color. Thanks for the quick delivery. Great job!

Cal F...

Re: In Memory of Al - 17 Aug 2001
I was very surprised to receive my sign in the mail today.
It is PERFECT!! Thanks so much!
I really like the way you put Al's name on a line by itself with the "~" on each side.
It really stands out that way. You do beautiful work,
and I will remember you for any future sign needs. Thanks again!

Jane S...

Re: Sign #23 - 8 Aug 2001
Erl-I received my sign today. You are very fast :) :)
Thank you! I loved it! It's a wonderful gift :)
Again, thank you very much.

Tammy C...

Subject: One very nice sign arrival notice.

.Date: 31 July 2001
From: SgtDad
....To: Erl "Da WooderGuy" Syverstad

Erl,Ya outdone yourself fella. Sure is tempting to hang on my wall instead of taking it to the CPX. But it's something that should be shared and not hoarded no matter what my thoughts might be.

Thank you a bunch, Erl. It was rather kind of you to get it here in time with my procrastination to buck up against. I will get a check to you as soon as this CPX is completed. I hate to put you off with the effort you have made, so I hope you won't put it in your "To Be Whacked" book..

Gonna check and see if you have a picture on your site so I can show it to the folks. If not, they will see it in a couple of days anyway.

Once again Erl, thank you very much for your efforts. Fact is, the sign is much better than the one I had in mind. But then again, look who's doin the work!.

Semper Fidelis NOMAD/George

You are the beginning. It is up to your efforts to determine how much better you will be at the end. FROM: The 8 ring or better. Winners reside within

Re: Another sign - 26 Jun 2001
Hi Erl, I enjoyed so much the sign that you made for my anniversary that
I would like to get another sign made for my sister's birthday.
The one that I am interested in is the following:

Sign #59 (picture with palm tree)..
Maggie M...

Re: Sign #23s - 26 Jun 2001
Got the sign yesterday, looks great.
Thanks again for your help.
Christine B...

Subject: signs - 6 Jun 2001
dear erl, the signs look great.
thank you for your swift reply and speedy work.
Karen M...

Re: Order for a sign - 6 Jun 2001
We got the sign today. It looks great.
Thank you for doing such a great job and so fast.
Thank you again.
Greg and Janet H...

Re: "Tree House" sign - 5 Jun 2001
Erl, We just got our sign today. It looks GREAT!!! Thanks
However, I did have a question. We asked that the sign be "sealed". It doesn't appear that
there is a sealer on it. It doesn't have any sheen to it and the wood feels bare.
Did it get sealed or do we need to seal it? Joe S...
~ . ~
Most simply, yes! Your sign is sealed on the face.
It is up to you to decide whether it should be finished (painted, stained or clear coated) further.
Consider sheltering your sign from the sun and rain / snow.
It is something very important to consider in protecting wood.
Clear coating painted (the black acrylic painted lettering) outside wood is not a good idea.
Have you read my "Finishing Page"
Good success and thanks again.
--Erl @ (253) 847-2747

Re: Sign #23s - 4 Jun 2001
Thank you so much for making our sign in such short notice
Greg and Janet H...

Re: - 1 Jun 2001
Our last order was perfect! Thank you 
Another wedding present please.....
- Suzy R...

Subject: Re: Flower Sign - 30 May 2001
The sign looks great. Thanks alot.
Karrie & Lennie...

Subject: custom sign (10"x 48" version of #59, "Palm Tree") - 29 May 2001
Erl.. i gotta tell you.. Fedex screwed up and i didn't get the sing (sic) till today..
but wow.. worth the wait... thank you so very much..
my boy friend said to tell you that you are a real perfectionist
he is so happy with it !!! thank you so much... hopefully i will have more business for you...
i will send you a picture of where it is hanging...
if you need me for a reference.. don't hesitate to give out my email
and have them write erls signs in the subject since i delete any mail with unknown senders..
you are an artist.. thank you millions....
susan miller

Subject: Re: Ranch Sign Order - 3 May 2001
I received the sign today and it looks great.
We will be giving it to Mr. Stromberg on Monday. He is going to love it.
Thank you so much for the great work and the timely effort you expended to get it here on time.
Sincerely, Cynthia B..

Subject: sign order (#20) - April 2001
Mr. Syverstad, Thank you again for your help with this.
I think your work is beautiful, and I know
my dad will really appreciate this gift.
MANY THANKS! Amanda W...
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CLICK For 2 Line Horse Sign 8"x20"
10 Jan 2001
Dear Erl: I wanted to tell you that our signs arrived this morning and that I think the quality
and workmanship is extraordinary. We are very pleased! Thank you so much!
Also I wanted to ask if you have the capability of making a 3 ft x 3 ft sign for our farm?
Let me know.
Thanks again, Karen M.

22 Dec 2000
I just wanted to let you know that the sign you made for us "The Rogers Ron & Gail"
with the scene #55 is beautiful ! ! ! I can hardly wait to get the finish on it and hang it.
Thanks for the swift attention to this order and Happy Holidays to you.

21 Dec 2000
Hi. I received my order yesterday and I just wanted to tell you
I think you did a wonderful job. Thanks so much!
Helen M.

18 Dec 2000
Re: Sign #55
You are the greatest!!!! Happy Holidays to you as well.
Your customer service is beyond expectations!!! I
Marcia H.

18 Dec 2000
The "Otto's Oasis" sign arrived today. It's for my father.
I am a graphics designer and it is perfect!
Thanks again for your meticulous attention to layout and cutting edge detail.
Cheryl D.

14 Dec 2000
Dear Mr. Syverstad: Just wanted to let you know that the sign arrived in one piece.
It is beautiful! I can hardly wait for my husband to open it on Christmas!
He will love it. Thanks for a great gift!
Clara H.

13 Dec 2000
A check for $80.18 will be in the mail @ lunchtime.
Thank you for you expedient responses . . it's a pleasure doing business with you !!
Teri T.

13 Dec 2000
Thank you very much! I hope you have a wonderful holiday. I have given your website
info to some friends who may be interested in some signs. So rest up!
Helen M.

9 Dec 2000
Erl, Got it today - WONDERFUL job! My parents will be pleased with this gift -
We'll keep you in mind for future gifts !
Randi J.

10 Mar 2000
The sign came this morning. Thank you so much for the "next day" rush.
This sign is for a multi-million dollar account. Thanks again for saving the day!
Debbi T.


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