Marine Corps Wood Signs Carved by Erl's Redwood Signs"

America... Land of The Free
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#mc4 Sign: 
12 x 14 - 
cost: 49.95

#mc11 Sign -
Marine Mom: 
3 x 13 - cost: 

The Title

"It cannot be inherited.. nor can it ever be purchased. You and no one alive can buy it for any price. It is impossible to rent and it cannot be lent. You alone and our own have earned it with sweat, blood and lives." --author unknown

You Own It Forever

"United States Marine"

#mc6 Sign: 
6 x 16 - 
cost: 39.95

#mc7 Sign: 
2.5 x 11.5 - 
cost: 12.95

#mc8 Sign: 
4.5 x 14 - 
cost: 37.95

"Others cannot and will not understand us because they are not one of us. The Corps --- We Love It, live it and shall die for it. If you have not been in it, you shall never understand it." --author unknown

#mc2 Sign: 
6 x 16 - 
cost: 39.95

#mc1 Sign: 
4.5 x 14 - 
cost: 32.95

Pricing Details

Because Corps ethos and history is inviolable and almost a religion, I have chosen to respectfully "hide" pricing details about the signs above. If you wish to find them, just put your cursor on an image! This keeps the squadbay tidier looking, don't you think? If you find the font / text hard to read just highlight it, which will make it brighter

#mc9 Sign: 
5 x 14.5 - 
cost: 19.95

#mc10 Sign: 
2.5 x 11.5 - 
cost: 19.95


Once A Marine---Always A Marine

#mc3 Sign: 
8 x 14.5 - 
cost: 43.95


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Note: "Attacking Eagle On Iwo," at the top of this page is a New Graphic by Erl. Eagle was carved and colored on a redwood signboard, which was then scanned to be pasted onto a picture of The Iwo Jima Battle Memorial, Arlington, Virginia. It memorializes the bloodiest battle in USMC history. If there is a soul to the Marine Corps it is there. I ('67 -'71) am FREE today, because so many MILLIONS gave ALL during WWII.... Now WTC 9/11-01: "Let's Roll!".. to continue the never ending fight for freedom.